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How Google finds a potential Leader in less than 5 minutes?

By Juanpablo Barrantes Leader’s approach (3 min read)

— How can you objectively determine if someone is a Great Leader?— Google researched and found a short set of key behaviors within its best team managers. As part of its talent acquisition and internal promotion processes, Google is asking candidates to respond specific questions in a range of 1 (fully agree) to 5 (fully disagree). As one of the top tech companies worldwide, Google clearly knows that its continued success lies over the shoulders of the leaders who manage the Organization. So they have discovered that a timely, effective and proactive process of search for leadership positions is key and strategic to its continuity as a cutting edge tech Company. How this process works? Simple but wise questions definitely help Google to filter those few potential leaders who will eventually drive its business ahead consistently over time. Such questions are formulated based on key behaviors displayed by their very best leaders. So they started asking to groups of employees and potential leaders to answer, by grading on the “1 to 5” criteria: —Does my manager give me practical advice to help me improve my performance?— —Does my manager “micro manage” (he or she gets involved in too many details that should be managed at lower levels)?— —Does my manager show consideration to me as a person?— —The actions of my manager put in evidence that he or she values the perspective I bring to the team, even if it’s different from his or her point of view?— —Does my manager keep the team focused on our most key deliverables?— —Does my manager regularly share with me and my team relevant information from upper management?— —Does my manager have had a significant discussion with me about my professional development over the last six months?— —Would I recommend my manager to other Googlers?— —Am I satisfied with the overall performance of my manager as a manager?— Then, Google asks its employees to express what they think about his or her manager on the following questions: —What would you recommend to your manager he or she should keep doing?— —What would you recommend to your manager he or she should stop doing?— My personal appreciation on Google’s approach is, they stress the importance of servant and team oriented leadership. For them, a great leader is the one who makes his or her team to be successful, setting behaviors based on the Company’s values and granting his or her teammates independence and autonomy to work their own way as long as they are aligned with the Company’s vision and mission. Let me finish this post with a challenge for you: Tell your OD and/or your HR teams to perform this questionary to the team under your supervision... I’m pretty sure the most benefited in the end might be you in the first place, then your team and then your Company. 

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