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Embrace gratitude to find true abundance in life

Actualizado: 31 ago 2020

Written by Juanpablo Barrantes Leader’s approach (3 min read) There are certain dates in the calendar that are especially reserved to celebrate on those life’s Blessings we are given, especially because not always we have the space and time to reflect and really appreciate as we’d wish to. Thanksgiving day is one of those significant times every year to surround with beloved ones to appreciate every aspect life puts in front of you. Now, as you might think, appreciation shouldn’t be limited to a just once a year special celebration, it should instead be a daily practice. People who show frequent appreciation sends a bold message to the universe, and then as a natural effect, the universe replies back with good vibes. Continued appreciation compounds into abundance. And please don’t misinterpret the concept of abundance. It not only means material stuff, but also and mainly spiritual wellness, inner-peace. And the latter for instance is the greatest milestone one can aspire to reach and sustain over a lifetime. It all depends on your perspective towards any circumstance fate spreads over your life. Expand your insight and reframe on any struggle before complaining on why this is happening to you. Have a mindset of appreciating that thorns have roses, instead of grumbling that roses have thorns. Ask God for wisdom, to be receptive on the things that are coming to your life but you didn’t asked for, maybe they’re coming for a reason. And just ask Him to master the skill of gratitude, by getting back to those around you any of the Blessings you’ve been gifted so far. Everything you give eventually gets back to you sooner or later, it’s a natural principle. So aim for goodness and appreciate everything, even struggle. Face difficulty with boldness and at the same time reframing on every possible solution to reduce the consequences, that’s far better than doing nothing or licking your wounds. Embrace gratitude as a way of living and look for influencing those around you on having always something to be grateful for, over time life will bring back to you what you’ve been yearning so far, it surely will...

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