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What really matters

Written by Juanpablo Barrantes Leader’s approach (3 min read) Life is beautiful. For me, life has gender, life is female. She is composed of many details, it seems she’s complicated, but she’s not. Life is simple, because in her simplicity it’s her perfection. There’s certainly a challenge for you in life, in getting to know those circumstances that make up your life just as it is. To be fully aware that your life’s meaning is to have consciousness of this simple fact: since you have been brought to this life, you are here to love and transcend. Do you believe it? You really believe it? You are here to love and transcend. That simple! Unfortunately, this imperative might not be so easy to carry on. And it’s ironic, since in my search for happiness, sometimes I loose myself in my own selfishness, most of time justifying on my reasons as if they were true, when in fact those are the wrong reasons who distance me from the truth, from real meaning. There are two things in life that spoil any genuine search for meaning, selfishness and ignorance. The hardest thing is, whenever you realize yourself in the midst of egocentrism and apathy for truth, you should be aware life might take you for stupid! As Einstein once quoted: "When you die, you do not know that you are dead, but it is very hard for everyone else. The same happens when you're stupid.” Life just might be happening in front of you, passing through each and every of your five senses, and you’re not even close to notice it, because you’re living an in-excess-mode life. Excess of everything is injurious. Excess of everything causes an unbalanced life. An unbalanced life is, sooner or later, failure for sure. Now, going back on the root causes of the excess of everything in life, for sure those reasons are both ignorance and selfishness. Then, whom do I have to love and how do I do to transcend in life? Love yourself first. Start by loving yourself and then continue loving those around you, regardless of whether they are known or unknown to you. Also, love what you do routinely, and ask yourself —what does and who does inspire me to be a better person?—. Idealize an aspiration based on your inspirations. This is, define a significant long-term purpose as a result of those people who love you and move your spirit unconditionally. Then, work patiently and diligently on such purpose. Finally, repeat this whole exercise every so often. Be attempted every time, when life happens to you while you enjoy it fully. Because many people don’t realize life happens to them while they’re so busy in mundane endeavors. Once you understand that simpleness is the essential, what really matters might be just in front of your eyes, maybe it's just a matter of being grateful for what you already have; keep working and be patient for what you don’t have yet. You will eventually know what's good for you because in the end, whatever you want to achieve in life must make this world a better one —however a small improvement it might be— because of you. Juanpablo Barrantes

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