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The vicious circle of decadence

Just as goodness in this life is by effect of loving, on the other hand, evil is by effect of selfishness. Selfishness is a foundation in which all the misfortunes of humanity are born. And what defines a person as selfish? In short, an egoist is one who puts his own interests above others, regardless of the consequence this may entail. There are certain circumstances in which selfishness tends to strengthen and spread widely across our surroundings. It mostly happens whenever we choose ignorance and immediacy into our life, instead of wisdom and patience. And whenever there’s a situation in our life where selfish behaviors rule and recur, then the unavoidable outcome is decadence. A life of decadence is pretty much living far away from the truth, as well as living a life on the edge of deceive, failure, chaos, misfortune, poverty in all its forms (spiritual, material, health) and even death. Every time we are invaded by thoughts and actions that only seek our own interest or that of a few, we demonstrate harmful behaviors that eventually lead to decadence. The most dangerous thing at this point is, in the face of a decadent state, these harmful behaviors multiply thus generating something similar to a chain reaction, infecting vices in those around us, who at the same time or even eventually end up infecting more people with this system, spreading misery and chaos. Over history, this system has settled in our societies, in any place where senselessness and ignorance rule. I call it the vicious circle of decadence. Decadence (chaos, failure): it is the destiny of the vicious circle. When we reach a state of decline, the result is a degeneration of living conditions: poverty, conformism, violence and disrespect to oneself, to others and to the environment. Ignorance: it is the means, the route of the vicious circle. Ignorance is the mother of selfishness and the grandmother of all vices. It is the basis and principle of any evil. Ignorance is a fertile ground for these three anti-fundamental principles of selfishness: Corruption: it is the anti-principle of Integrity. I give you a word that defines and explains what corruption is: distrust. When there is no confidence in something or in someone, there is no respect or progress. As easy as seeing an example of any country with a corrupt political and economic system, and noticing its rates of violence and underdevelopment. Corruption generates vices such as Injustice, bribery, lying, abuse of power. Arrogance: it is the anti-principle of Humility. Haughtiness and selfishness always go hand in hand, disrespect for the common interest in order to favor any particular interest is what defines an arrogant person. And there is nothing more uncomfortable and frustrating than dealing with arrogance, because although an arrogant do not realize it, arrogance is defined by ignorance. The best thing in any case is not to waste time with an arrogant, since arrogance is characterized by vices such as intolerance, self-centeredness and foolishness. Indiscipline: it’s easier for me to explain that indiscipline’s counterpart, discipline, is in essence to cling to a purpose. So, when we talk about indiscipline, we refer to people who do not have a main conviction to strive for. In other words, they do not fight for a dream because they are not aware about any major purpose in life. Conformism, procrastination, laziness and mediocrity are common vices to indiscipline. Next, I will explain how a Vicious Circle of Decadence works, by overviewing in a small timeframe on the history of an Asian nation whose political and social situation could be very foreign and unknown to the reality of many of us in the Western world, but which currently is a worldwide concern, to the extent that it can affect us greatly, either directly or indirectly. The history of a nation divided by an imaginary line. Korea is a great country, both in territory and in people, but what Korea? The one from South has to be? Well, it's really just one Nation! It’s just that selfishness through history divided it in two, crossed by the 38th parallel, which practically split this great nation into two almost equal portions in terrestrial area, but very different in idiosyncrasy. This great nation has been through its fertile land, history of invasions and foreign conquests: even before 1900 it suffered invasions of China, after 1900 and until the end of World War II it suffered the invasion and conquest of Japan. Since the end of the Second World War it was controlled by two super power countries: The USSR at North and the US at South, the latter expelled the Japanese losers from that global war and each established their ideological systems of communist socialism at North and Liberal capitalism at South. At the same time, the UN intervened and marked the division of North with South by an imaginary line of Parallel 38, establishing a demilitarized zone along the entire length of this new frontier. During that time, an anti-leader emerged at North: Kim Il Sung founder of the workers' party, with a socialist ideology, it did not take long to declare war to South, which materialized with an invasion and seizure of Seoul. This war, which lasted about three years (1950-1953), ended with the intervention of the USA again in the South and the expulsion of Kim and his army to North. A peace agreement was never signed ... the wound is still open, pride and selfishness are still latent in a conflict that has no end. Well, it seems the rest is a more recent and better-known story: the aforementioned workers’ party gave birth to a dynasty of anti-leaders "Kim- versions I, II and III” up to now ... Each of them during his term and to this day, have ruled the North with an iron fist, making the best display of arrogance and cult of personality on this singular and tyrannical dynasty, subjecting a whole country to the adoration of its first anti-leader, to such an extent that the only official religion they have and that is inculcated from early childhood is the adoration of their anti-leaders, and where their enemy to death is USA and Western Culture, for which they have chosen to isolate and protect themselves from the rest of the world, investing in armaments, nuclear weapons and half a country at the service of the militia. But the most worrisome of this situation lies in the high risk that a new conflict of great proportions will be unleashed in the short or medium term due to the constant threats from the North towards "their enemies to death", in addition to evidence that exists about Nuclear missile launch tests of short, medium and long range distance. The case of Korea is living evidence that the Vicious Circle of Decadence works pretty close to perfection when we mix anti-values ​​of Corruption and Pride in a historical conjuncture marked by Ignorance. A common factor is ignorance in many nations around the world. The challenge we have here as world society is huge, let's begin by recognizing that evil is as perpetual as goodness. Let's start change now, from our inner selves, in our families, let's not allow our homes, our countries, our region to be increasingly immersed in the vicious circle of decadence. Let's foster early on principles that favor in our families love, humility, discipline, integrity. We need to influence others with actions that generate and perpetuate Virtuous Circles of Truth. Only then will we stop this constant and harmful presence of selfishness and tyranny over ignorance in our world. Posted by: Juan Pablo Barrantes

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