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The magic of Collaboration

Actualizado: 25 ago 2023

Juanpablo Barrantes

Leader’s approach Is your team fully convinced no one is able to reach any goal if they don’t make it together? A philosophy of life, that is Collaboration. The spirit of collaboration has to do with the survival instinct many animals and humans have. Collaborate to survive, collaborate to compete. In the workplace, leaders with high spirit of collaboration usually start by aligning their teams to the mission of the Organization. This is like a milestone for any team: to realize and internalize what is expected from them in the Organization. Such awareness of purpose will be effective as long as the mission is understood and lived consistently in everything we do as a team. An effective way to confirm whenever your team is in line with the Organization’s mission is to encourage each teammate in asking certain powerful questions: - What is expected from me in my team? - What is expected from our team in the Organization? - How does my work and attitude contribute to the sustained success of my team? - How does our collective work and attitudes contribute to the sustained success of the Organization? Success will eventually happen, as long as each individual within the Organization understands the scope and the effect of his or her actions towards each teammate, and also when everyone understand the scope and the effect of their daily interactions as a team. Furthermore, sustained success may only be achieved whenever your team fully understand and live the mission according to a mystique of Collaboration amongst everyone within the Organization. Collaboration, once replicated and expanded will produce Momentum. Momentum is a collective state of cumulative synergies. Once your team gets the expected results consistently, it’s because of the effectiveness of collective and proactive interactions. Momentum is something similar to a huge, blowing impulse very difficult to stop. Any complication that arises will hardly convey into a crisis, because everyone in the team will move boldly to address the issues being faced, striving to get back again in the expected course of action. A Team who embraces collaboration is not afraid of any difficulty, since they often see struggle as necessary to demonstrate why they are great united, and because there is a clear understanding that they were precisely put together to solve the kind of problems no one will solve isolated. For those of us who are Blessed of leading teams with high spirit of collaboration, we know this is perhaps one of the most valuable ingredients in the formula to achieve sustained, great results. Collaboration is so valuable because it aligns the right attitude of each team member, an attitude of mutual respect and trust, where feedback is part of our daily interactions. Honest, objective and timely feedback, given as a genuine intention in the strive for improvement of everyone involved in this process. In the end, the moment your team becomes a kind of Benchmarking to many others, those who do the approach may ask your team, -how do you achieve this mystique of teamwork that is perceived beyond results? - . Well, such dynamics may be perceived as magic (with any logical explanation), it’s nothing more than a high sense of collaboration, which manifests itself as a great habit of your team! By Juanpablo Barrantes

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