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  • Juan Pablo Barrantes

The people I like

"... I like people who nurture their dreams until those dreams become their own truth". - Mario Benedetti

One of the greatest challenges in our life consists in getting to know that very purpose for which we are in this world. And once we make it to understand this reason of our existence, the next challenge is to close all the gaps between what we actually are and what we finally want to become.

Undoubtedly, I think that in order to successfully make this journey to plenitude, it is fundamental to surround ourselves with those who have the same inspirations and mindset as ourselves. There's people who are catalysts of success: they accelerate positiveness, they add up goodness to our life. In our human nature, we are social beings, we strive in community and we need others to reach our purpose, whichever it be. But, if our purpose is particularly relevant, we must be selective by surrounding ourselves with those who help us driving through such destination.

How should we find out those individuals who may help us out in the quest of becoming a better person? Writer and poet Mario Benedetti (by the way he is one of those catalysts of abundance in my life), he describes in one of his poems a detailed set of traits that show people who is inspired by a major purpose in life. Let me share with you Benedetti's inspirational quotes:

"I like people who thrive, those who don't need to be pushed, those who don't need to be asked to do something, because they know what to do and they do it.

I like People who nurture their dreams until those dreams become their own truth. I like people who have the courage to assume the consequences of any of their own actions, people who risk certainty by uncertainty in order to pursue their dreams, people who allow running away from the wise advise by leaving their destiny in God's hands.

I like people who is fair with his people and with themselves, people who is grateful for a new day, for the good things they have, who lives each day with a positive attitude and delivering the best of themselves, grateful of being alive, eager to gift smiles, offering their hands to generously help and expecting nothing in return.

I like people who is able to criticize me face to face and in a constructive way, but without hurting me. I like people who have tact and sense of justice. I call these people my friends.

I like people who know the importance of joy and they show it. Those people who teach others to live life with humor by chuckling when appropriate. I like people who never forget the child inside themselves.

I like people who's energy is contagious. I like people who show sincerity and are capable to opposing with reasonable arguments the decisions of anyone.

I like people who is persistent and faithful, who never surrender on reaching their goals. I like people with character, who are never ashamed to recognize they are wrong or they don't know something. I like people who is accountable of their decisions, but they genuinely show commitment in not repeating the same mistakes over and over.

I like people who fight against adversity while looking for solutions and ideas. People who is always thinking and reflecting introspectively. People who value others not by how they look or how much they have, but by a genuine interest in others over themselves. People who is not judge-mental and don't allow others to make a judgement.

I like people who have personality.

I like people who is aware that one of the biggest mistakes relays in trying to remove anything from your head that does not come from your heart.

Sensibility, courage, solidarity, kindness, humility, faith, happiness, regret, love for others and for oneself are fundamental qualities for anyone who deserves being called PEOPLE.

With people like this one, I commit to whatever it comes for the rest of my life, because by having these people by my side I feel more than well retributed."

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