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Vulnerable OR Malleable?

Actualizado: 25 jun 2020

By Juanpablo Barrantes

Leader’s Approach

3 min read

[Vulnerable ~ Susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm. Prone to be broken...]

[Malleable ~ Any material that is easily molded, worked or that is able to be transformed...]

From this past March 19th up until today when I’m writing this blog, it has been three months since the Global pause knocked on the door of my immediate surroundings... The Pandemic settled-in until further advise. Well, three months are certainly peanuts compared to an eternity!

Uncertainty and calamity are some of the outcomes a crisis like this one brings out, especially to anyone who’s vulnerable. When suffering a physic vulnerability you must take care of yourself to reduce the exposure to whatever harms you. However, when suffering a psychic vulnerability, in other words, you might have everything to thrive and get ahead, but your limited mindset and negative attitude throws you back even before trying on those relevant decisions you should make, so you end up in a crossroads where you have to make up your mind between one or the other following choices:

- lick your wounds and ask someone else (usually the government, a wealthy relative or whoever you come up with) to give you what your limited understanding is begging at you about the stuff you might think you need (short term mindset is like a fixed banner for mediocre people).

- assume FULL accountability about your actual reality and act upon your future by doing something different, way different from what you’ve been getting from life so far. So DO different now, right now!

Very few people take action on the most difficult but wiser choice...

Whenever you take action, you’ll transform your actual condition from a vulnerable into a malleable reality, which means you’re moving from doubt and fear to inspiration and action. And that’s a Blessing because in the end, it’s a matter of assuming a mindset of continuous learning, from my current ignorance I look forward to closing the gaps that get me away from the person I am now into the one that I want to become.

Why is there a vast majority of people so vulnerable?

How to reframe into a malleable mindset?

To me, egoism and injustice are two effects of a major evil: Ignorance. It may sound like an utopian dream, but just imagine a real better world after this pandemic. This calamity has taught us tough lessons on how we’ve lived based on the wrong priorities, which at the same time have driven us into a wrong direction. So it will hopefully help us to rethink on a way different restart of our social, economic, environmental, technological and political matters into a more inclusive, tolerant and fair reality for all of us, a new reality based on common well-being, in mutual respect towards everyone and everything around us.

A more malleable and less vulnerable world, because of people whose awareness about a new responsibility triggers enough encouragement to put into action the right choices to avoid on making the same errors and horrors again (and again...). And being attentive to further upcoming bad times, to keep a mindset of ongoing adaptation to whatever it comes up, not by mere fear but by authentic inspiration.

Does it sound too Optimistic to you?

Well, believe or not, your reaction to this insight might be intrinsically in alignment on how you balance your life into a vulnerable or malleable mindset. So think again, and act different from now and on...

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