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The Overwhelming Responsibility of Becoming your Best Version

“And get higher and higher

Straight up we'll climb

We'll get higher and higher

Leave it all behind”

—Lyrics from the song Dreams, Van Halen—

I think a significant life means mostly about competing against no one but yourself, while cooperating with everyone else. Cause striving to become the best version of yourself it’s about triggering frequent drips of healthy stress. I mean it’s shaking out of yourself any trace of mediocrity. It’s also about taking action to drive your life into the route to success by adopting powerful habits such as:

- going outdoors and walking, jogging, biking or whatever hobby that keeps your body moving and your heart bumping at 150 bits or higher by at least half hour first thing in the morning or after a busy day late at noon.

- turning-off the TV or unplugging to social media and instead start working in your life’s project. You could start doing something different like reading, writing, traveling, entrepreneuring, volunteering or seeking for the good advice of a Mentor.

In other words, it’s about working in such a significant project you may have been postponing so far, even though you know your life deserves it, however until now it’s been just a long-term dream.

Whenever you challenge yourself to get you out of your comfort zone, like when you’re disciplined enough to be consistent about creativity and curiosity, maybe not tomorrow or within a month, neither in six months or within a year, but eventually at some point you don’t know by now but you are so certain that at a given moment, life will gift to you a new state of mind, body and spirit.

Then, an “upgraded-you” has stepped up into the ladder of continued success. And it comes to you as a no-ending ladder for becoming your best version.

When thinking about the quest of craving into your self-improvement day by day, my recommendation is, start by evaluating your attitude regarding how passionate and disciplined you are about becoming a better person everyday. Ideally, such task must has its foundations deep into a firm baseline: a life’s purpose.

Your life’s purpose feels like an inner-power which comes out of your soul, connects with your heart and then gets tuned into your head to be spread out to the world for your wellness and and for the benefit of those around.

So how do you clearly visualize your life’s purpose? Well, just do a self assessment regarding the influence you reach over those around you. Like mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela, think about the loving and caring revolution towards the most vulnerable people in Calcuta. Or about the liberation of a whole nation from racial segregation. Because when you own a significant life’s purpose, it becomes a vital piece into your DNA, that is, once you internalize your life’s purpose, it ends up shaping your destiny and surely that of many.

This is the same way I notice how influencing is some people that is close to me, I think this is because such people behave way different from the rest of the crowd. I mean what I see is, some people exude passion in whatever they do and they also possess a subtle but unwavering ability to entice others on board about a common purpose. This people are always pushing themselves up while they’re also inspiring others to move towards a common purpose.

I’ll finish this blog with a couple of recent stories I’m being blessed about witnessing out. The stories go about two guys: one is a dear friend of mine and the other is just a new acquaintance, both of them are pushing me up to give a little bit more out of myself, by engaging me into a good cause, simply because their motives are inspiring me to be better.

The newly acquaintance —Israel— he’s my new Spinning instructor.  He has really surprised me by his charisma and enthusiasm, but above all, because he’s genuinely interested in improving the stamina of those of us who usually fill in his class.  In addition, he’s constantly pushing me to give each time a bit more out of myself through his intense spinning sessions.  Despite the short time I've known Israel, I have no doubt what he’s doing for a living as my spinning mentor, for sure this is his passion, and it must be a vital part of his life’s purpose.

My dear friend Jorge, this guy is full of inspiration!

Since we met, he just shared his life’s project to me —@mejores360–. His vision, which is pretty much about helping everyone he can reach out to become a better person each day. In

essence, Jorge is truly passionate about his life’s vision. A vision he lives boldly everyday whenever you hear about his message and witness his actions, so you might feel challenged to ponder about yourself to make something different for your self improvement too.

I recently witnessed Jorge’s genuine intentions when he just invited me to his home and gave me all his help and resources to do a "Live" from his social media platform, in which I talked about one of my book’s chapter: —the five milestones to live a meaningful life—.

Be appreciative whenever you find people like Israel and Jorge, treasure the fact of learning from them while you continue working on the overwhelming responsibility of becoming your best version.

What about you, who’s inspiring you to become your best version?

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