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The Great Reset (..)

Actualizado: 4 nov 2020

By Juanpablo Barrantes

Leader’s Approach

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(The Inner Reset)

We all love being comfortable with ourselves and feeling comfortable about the good things life has for us.

That has nothing wrong, as long as you show respect by taking from life no more than what you really need and do your part to extend life’s resources to others.

Then beware of going to extreme, since staying too much time in your comfort zone will eventually harm yourself and most probable those around you. Just think about these two antagonist concepts: Conformism and Ambition.

Both Conformism and Ambition have their roots in mediocrity and selfishness. When displaying your ego with no measure instead of being attentive and empathetic, sooner or later life with respond consequently, then you’ll have a lesson to learn or an argument to complain about. Whenever your mindset is focused mostly on neglecting your mistakes rather than reaffirming your opportunities, you’ll end up in a vicious spiral so that any chance of winning in life will shorten the sweet spot of success to you.

Consequently, we become kind of hostages of our own vices. It’s just like dragging chains of evil behaviors like intolerance, blind ambition or selfishness. It’s really painful since we don’t find enough emotional strength neither the guts to break those chains to free ourselves and our successors for once and forever from this spiral (whenever you feel you’re dragging a toxic behavior, it’s for sure you inherited it from someone of your closest relatives as long as it was never cut from its roots to stop it and finally break those chains).

So you need to stop and reset your fears into a constant strive for reaching the best version of yourself. Then, a personal reset means in killing your ego and letting your kindness and generosity to flourish and spread all around no matter what other people or life are giving back to you. Having the courage to stop and reset is not an easy quest, it occurs mostly when facing and beating a real crisis, something like a fatality or a stressing event that leads us to hit rock bottom. Moreover, don’t give up at the feeling of frustration while failing on your personal reset,

since your weaknesses might be deep rooted. Maybe several crises might need to be faced until the true personal reset finally happens. Hopefully there’s still enough time, tolerance and patience to endure each battle amidst life’s adversities, to finally overcome our own anxiety, selfishness and ignorance.

The Great Personal Reset is then achieved when we are mature enough to beat our inner self ignorance (mostly in the form of fears) and let love instead to fulfill our spirits.

(The Collective Reset)

The actual crisis caused by the Pandemic is not casual but causal. In other words, this calamity is merely deserved by our collective proceedings. We, the entire humanity, have caused it by our frenetic growth and demographic expansion (we are like a wild plague of rats on a slow but unstoppable invasion of the entire world above any of the other animal species and ecosystems on the planet). This uncontrollable expansion and dominance of humanity has generated the subjugation and overcrowding of everything that surrounds us: animal species are forced to coexist with humans because we have invaded their natural space and wilderness has dangerously mixed with urbanism.

To me, it’s evident mother nature is giving back to us what we’ve caused so far in the form of natural or health and sanitary disasters. Economic models such as Capitalism, which is based on Global consumerism and motivated to a great extent by the ambition to have and monopolize more and more on a reduced elite group of people while causing huge disparities in social and economic conditions on the vast majority of people. Consequently, Ambition is generated by selfishness, and selfishness is engendered by our own ignorance. It seems these are our greatest vices and the cause of the current calamity over the Pandemic and over any past and future crises.

So we better stop it now, no more catastrophic events to make us get into reason we need a Great Reset. A new reality that defeats for once and forever: Ignorance, selfishness and blind ambition. Can we do it? What will this Great Restart be like?

For the World Economic Forum, the great Reset is a Global initiative that seeks to build the foundations of a New economic and social System for a fairer and more resilient future, for everyone in the world. This requires a new Social Contract based on the search for Human Dignity and Social Justice where any progress in our societies never lags behind economic development (which inevitably happened in our current model of “democratic” Capitalism).

COVID-19 has precipitated us into a transition towards the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which we will have to ensure that new technologies in the digital, biological, chemical and physical fields remain focused on our humanity itself, in such a way that any new technologic or disruptive events aim to serve our societies as a whole, supplying fair access to all the humankind and equally to the benefits obtained. Justice, fairness and generosity, the new Restart will require knocking down Ignorance and Selfishness at its roots!

Finally, this Pandemic has shown us how interconnected we are in the world. For this reason, we must define and restore systems of global cooperation that address all the current and future challenges of at least the next 50 years. The Great Restart will require that we all integrate into a Global Society as a community of interests based on equity and justice, with a long-term mentality, moving us from Capitalism into a Responsible Society to Everyone and towards Everything.

It’s time for a personal and collective reset, just don’t let other global crisis to spread again, so let’s respond accordingly...

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