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More Time

By Juanpablo Barrantes

Leader’s Approach

5 min read

“You’re so splendid today,

Cause you’re outshining everything around.

Our souls while floating above in the sky, they’re like the brightest clouds, like turbulences.

Navigating amongst planets,

attentive to a no-stopping sound, ride around the Universe.

High, each time higher.

Far away, farther and farther”

—Lyrics of the Latin/Spanish rock-song “Vuelta por el Universo” by Gustavo Cerati—

[This is the best version I think 🤔 ... for English spoken readers about my most recent blog (Mas Tiempo= More Time) which is inspired mostly on the latin/spanish-rock singer (legend & genius) Gustavo Cerati (viva el Rock Argentino!) and the current pandemic time... here we go]

At the present time there’s something that it’s as invisible as insanitary. This disease has forced us to make certain pauses: in over-consuming, in crowding, in polluting, and under some exceptions by recognizing the fact that it’s such a gift to make a pause and suddenly find yourself having more time available to think about what really matters. Some of us could even feel blessed about challenging our own mindsets given the unavoidable evolution of this crisis, going from a global sanitary matter but getting also into a global economic mess.

Within the actual times, something kind of unexpected confirmed equally that no one was prepared to face this so peculiar menace. While the whole world is begging for someone to find the cure, it seems we still don’t get into reason this threat has also warned us in certain ways from other kinds of ailing such as blind ambition, intolerance and unkindness. We’d better look for reframing on what should be our guiding true north from now-on.

Time scarcity is one of those relevant ailments that were lessen as an effect of the pandemic stay-at-home-prevention. It seems we have more time now... agree? Confinement has gifted us the most valuable resource anyone could dream about: Having More Time. More time available now for inner reflection, more time to contemplate our new reality and, if we’re fortunate enough, to concur there’s an inspiration that invite us to pause and pay attention on your life’s day by day, and then ask for some wisdom to enjoy and value life’s most simple gifts: family, friends, health and inner peace.

There’s plenty of ways to foster on our health and inner peace. Everything which is Inspiring for you, like music or any kind of arts, say anything that is highly valuable for you (not what is of apparent value but what’s certainly valuable).

During these days of stay at home encouragement, I’ve had enough time and pleasure to write this blog while enjoying a playlist from Gustavo Cerati at Spotify. Cerati’s lyrics are pure inspiration and rebel poetry; nowadays his influence makes me fall into reason that getting beautifulness out of chaos it’s a virtuous thing.

For those who are far away from their loved ones because of fate, or because of their own choices: breaking up from your species to aim for relevance is not for arrogance, it’s for true growth; being able to say goodbye it’s for true love.

Or even better, if you think we can overcome any collective cruelty whenever we stay united and hung to a major purpose: it’s because our souls, while floating above in the sky, they’re like the brightest clouds, like turbulences. And finally, may our inspiration push ourselves to navigate amongst planets, attentive to a no-stopping sound, riding around the Universe. High, each time higher. Far away, farther and farther.

So once this calamity has faded away, —I’m certain we’ll get through it— we’ll overcome stronger and more inspired to reinvent ourselves for such a new reality.

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