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How to bounce back amidst adverse times

By Juanpablo Barrantes Leader's Approach

(5 min read)

Sometimes life suddenly throws difficulty with no advice. Calamity spreads around us in the form of a crisis, either a personal, a family, or a work tribulation, even a social or a world calamity.

Whatever difficulty it might be present into your life, it’s key for you to have Resilience, which is owning your emotional skills to bounce back while the worst part of the storm passes by, and you still keep strong and learning from such unknown process.

Emotional Resilience can be better explained as the capacity you develop to bounce back amidst adverse times, transforming pain into an inner force that leverages your spirit so you can get ahead of any difficulty, mainly because you have a major purpose that is always much greater than the size of the crisis you are facing whatsoever.

Having Emotional Resilience is a virtue, it's a behavioral muscle you learn to grow it day by day. The more aware you are about what inspires and moves your inner self, the more able you’ll be in getting ahead of whatever bad times life throws you up. Your closest family for example, or your inner-self appreciation are the amongst the greatest emotional forces you can have to thrive, and are for sure strong enough reasons to surpass any calamity. You just need to be convinced deep inside yourself that whenever putting into balance any setback being faced against your major life’s purpose, it will always favor the latter, no matter what...

Reflect on the following habits that consistently show resilient people. Work on getting stronger your emotional weaknesses before a real calamity beats unadvisedly into your life by the back door.

Habits of highly resilient people:

First habit: Stay plugged-in to your Emotions

Resilient people are fully connected to their emotions and they're self aware on how to manage themselves in difficult times. Some people have a wrong approach of suppressing their negative feelings when experiencing bad times. However, it's just the contrary: when being actively and consciously aware of any of your feelings, you put everything into your emotional box, either positive or negative feelings, so you can ponder on how to get ahead with your strengths while granting your weaknesses. Master this habit and you will get control of yourself while beating anxiety, fear and disappointment.

Second habit: Block out your mind to pessimism

Resilient people always win over negative thoughts because they constantly practice self-reflection to discover the root causes of fear, so they're able to switch their mindset from negative into positive intentions. Resilient people are Optimists by nature, they have faith on their own skills to surpass any problem. During crisis, Resilient people have an open mind to find solutions even if this means changing themselves to survive, so they slow down but they never stop until they feel comfortable with the final outcome.

Third habit: Know how to bounce back

Resilient people master the skill of resisting without breaking up. The word "Resilience" has its origin in the latin word "resilire", which means to get back. The capacity of resisting by getting back amidst adversity is a learnable skill as long as you know your own strengths and weaknesses to regulate yourself during the storm, so you simply resist by bouncing back amidst extreme forces that you clearly know are stronger than you, but you face them up without opposing too much resistance, just the minimum amount of energy to surpass them without breaking up.

Fourth habit: Be aware of what you can control and you cannot control

Resilient people don't feel comfortable in having control over everything. Instead, they learn to accept external circumstances by adopting a mindset of focusing only over what they can control, even including in changing themselves when headwinds threaten life's most valuable aspects around them or to those they care.

Now more than ever during the actual Pandemic time we're living, ponder on the habits of highly Resilient people by adopting them into your emotional toolbox. Be patient and attentive on how to keep Safe amidst this social-worldwide calamity by taking care of yourself and those around you.

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