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At the Very First Sight

Actualizado: 4 nov 2020

By Juanpablo Barrantes

Leader’s Approach

2 min 📖

Once I had nothing, I just yearned

Once I noticed all was absence, I just hoped for

Once I was cold, I just trembled

Once I had the courage, I just approached

Once the letter arrived, I just read it

Once I listened to Prince, I just danced

Once my eyes brightened, I just realized

Once I had wings, I just flew away

Once she called me, I just came to her

Once I noticed, I just was there

Once I found her, I just got lost

Once I saw her, I just fell in love

—translated lyrics of Argentina rock song “A Primera Vista” from Pedro Aznar—

Everything that’s truly good in life, such as the simplest things you commonly enjoy without realizing it, or the most authentic people you discover, they inherently have the ability to show those kind of subtle details that you may notice just in them by unleashing only good vibes within you; therefore either good stuff or nice people are the only ones who inevitably make you fall in love at the very first sight.

So anything that make you feel plenty of joy in life, like a sunset at the beach, a cup of coffee while a rainfall in the mountains, a good wine after a well deserved nap, or your dream vacation to those places you’ve yearned for a long time, whatever you passionately do or experience is a consequence of falling and staying in love at the very first sight.

And then, if you are blessed enough to find out that very person who outshine your senses, from the first encounter and at the very first sight, eventually life will respond to you consequently because both of you become a single soul forever.

Just stay tuned, with a curious mind, an open heart and a soul willing to give no less than the best out of you, and expecting nothing in return. You know life will get back to you more than what you are expecting so far, since whenever you give everything out of yourself it certainly touches deep inside someone else’s life.

Whatever or whoever that inherently has the power to make you fall in love at the very first sight is for sure, time proof. Since authenticity of personality, integrity of character and consistency of purpose always resist adverse times by bouncing back while persisting within you over time.

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